Life Membership

Life Membership is a great honour that recognises and celebrates the outstanding contribution by an individual for the betterment of the New Zealand Anaesthetic Technicians Society. They strive for and which ultimately creates a more prosperous, professional and educated society.

Life Membership is reserved for those whose contribution goes beyond the ordinary or even the excellent for an extended period of time.

Life Members shall receive regular membership privileges including a waiver of annual membership fees, regular information updates and free of charge invitations to society functions.

Current Life Members:

  • Patricia O’Brien
  • Patsy Rose
  • Katherine Hepworth
  • Nicola Smith Guerin
  • Karen Bennett


Honorary Membership

NZATS honorary membership is awarded to those due to their special interest in, or services to Anaesthetic Technicians and Anaesthesia, and are nominated by the Executive Committee and elected at a General Meeting as Honorary Members. It is normally awarded to those who have been of direct service to NZATS. They are not expected to take an active part in the Society’s affairs. They are not eligible to vote, hold office or form part of the quorum at NZSA meetings.

Current Honorary Members:

  • Ted Hughes
  • Malcolm Stuart
  • Andrew Warmington
  • Michelle Peck