Medical Sciences Council of New Zealand (MSC)

The MSC is one of sixteen NZ health regulation authorities, and its primary responsibility is to protect the health of safety of the New Zealand public in two separate health professions: medical laboratory science, and anaesthetic technology. We work closely with MSC, particularly in areas of training, further education, and the registration of anaesthetic technicians in New Zealand.

New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists (NZSA)

The Memorandum of Understanding between NZSA (affiliated anaesthesia organisation) and NZATS sets out our collaborative working relationship and how it operates. The relationship’s objectives are to promote and develop aspects of continuing anaesthesia education and training in New Zealand, foster and develop an environment where anaesthesia and its technology, and anaesthesia teams, work hand in hand.

Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA)

The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) is one of the largest specialist medical colleges in Australia and New Zealand and is responsible for setting standards for all specialist anaesthetists and pain medicine physicians.

Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

As the leading tertiary educator for our specialty, we work closely with AUT regarding training programmes and content, and the necessary qualifications a registered anaesthetic technician will need. Read our AUT page for more information about this pathway course.

Australian Anaesthesia Allied Health Practitioners (AAAHP)

The AAAHP (previously the Australian Society of Anaesthetic Technicians) is the Australian network for anaesthetic technicians and allied health practitioners.

Association for Perioperative Practice (AfPP)

AfPP has been supporting theatre nurses, ODPs, HCAs and all those working in and around operating departments in the UK for over 50 years, setting standards and guidance on best practice.

American Society of Anesthesia Technologist and Technicians

The American Society of Anesthesia Technologists and Technicians (ASATT) is an international society accountable for maintaining and raising allied health professional standards for anesthesia technology education, patient care and professional competence for anesthesia technologists and technicians. ASATT’s organizational mission is to positively affect healthcare and educational standards for the field of anesthesia technology, and as a result, raise the quality of patient care by providing a safe and positive anesthetic environment.

Safe Airway Society (SAS)

The Safe Airway Society, formed in 2019, is the interprofessional airway society for Australia & New Zealand. Their members represent a wide range of health professions including anaesthetists, intensivists, anaesthetic technicians, emergency physicians, nurses, rural doctors, surgeons, and paramedics. We have an MOU with SAS.