Are you an overseas qualified anaesthetic technician considering a move to New Zealand? Here’s everything you need to know about registering to work in New Zealand and making the move.

Registering to work as an Anaesthetic Technician in New Zealand from overseas

If you are an overseas qualified Anaesthetic Technician interested in working in New Zealand, please be advised of the following important steps.

To work as a Registered Anaesthetic Technician in New Zealand you must first obtain registration with the Medical Sciences Council of New Zealand (MSCNZ) and hold a current Annual Practicing Certificate.

You must wait until you are resident in New Zealand or can provide evidence of your move to New Zealand, and then register with MSC, before applying for an APC. It can take up to 6 weeks to process registrations. For more information and required documentation, read the MSC page on the registration process for an overseas qualified Anaesthetic Technician.

Applying to MSC

NZATS is the professional body for anaesthetic technicians in NZ and as such our role is education, advocacy and support. You are welcome to register with us as an Associate Member, but please note this will not give you rights to work in New Zealand.

The Medical Sciences Council (MSC) of NZ is our regulatory authority. It is their role to determine the suitability of candidates to be added to the Registered Anaesthetic Technician register in NZ. To work as an anaesthetic technician in New Zealand you must be on the MSC register, as outlined above.

To apply, please visit the Overseas-Trained Registration: Anaesthetic Technician page on MSC’s website as any questions around relevance of qualifications and work experience is best sent to them.

Working In New Zealand

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Registered Anaesthetic Technicians are currently on the Immigration New Zealand skill shortage list. People with these skills are viewed favourably by them for visas. Not only that, but the chances of getting a job are good due to a shortage of workers.

How much do anaesthetic technicians earn in New Zealand?

According to, a qualified anaesthetic technician can usually earn between $54,000 to $79,000, and those with extra responsibilities can earn up to $107,000 per year. Some highly skilled technicians can earn up to $159,000. A trainee anaesthesia technician can usually expect to earn between $44,000 and $51,000 a year, and those working in a private hospital can expect to start on higher pay.

Training in NZ and converting qualifications

If you are inquiring about AUT’s degree course as an overseas student, or you would like information on how to convert your qualification, please contact their Faculty of Health & Environmental Sciences department at

Ready to make New Zealand home?

Ready to make the move and enjoy working in a world-class healthcare system, with beautiful scenery to boot? Read more about immigrating to New Zealand at

The INZ website New Zealand Now also offers great advice on what a move to New Zealand can actually look like, including tips for settling in, basic things you’ll need to do when you get here, and useful information about our culture and lifestyle.