Education is central to NZATS’ mission

Anaesthesia is a fast-paced, expanding field where maintenance of clinical competence relies of constant professional development. It is a requirement of our registration to maintain our continuing professional development.

NZATS work closely with tertiary institutions like AUT that provide pathways for students looking to become anaesthetic technicians. We also provide educational resources to students as they study, as well as our Student and Trainee memberships. Continuing education is central to an anaesthetic technician’s career, so we have also developed a CPD (continuous professional development) portal for our members.

Not only a requirement for an APC, education provides and supports life-long learning for all practitioners. Good patient outcomes and protection of patients who use our services are fundamental and critical to our knowledge and practice.


A crucial part of the continuing education of our members is attending events. We provide a platform for events hosted by our wider community, as well as our own hosted events. Please see our Events page for a list of upcoming events relevant to anaesthetic technicians.

NetworkZ Training Programme

NetworkZ is a well-established multidisciplinary team training intervention programme for healthcare teams. The goal is to improve the safety of care for patients and staff. The programme has been implemented at DHBs around New Zealand with over 3000 staff trained as participants or instructors. The courses have received enormous positive support and feedback. Over 70 anaesthetic technicians have trained as accredited simulation technicians or instructors and over 300 have participated at the DHBs.

Networkz logo

What NetworkZ offer

  • NetworkZ Settings: Immersive, interactive sessions with a multidisciplinary clinical team training in six clinical settings: OR, Trauma, PACU, OBS/GN and Radiology.
  • Onsite Support: Sessions are delivered by trained and accredited instructors local to their hospital or region, with support from NetworkZ.
  • Model Service: Realistic surgical and trauma models that are augmented with life-like mannikins that talk, breathe, bleed, and are programmed to realistically depict a range of clinical scenarios requiring specific clinical responses.
  • Course Resources: Academy attendees have access to full training resources including clinical scenarios designed to emphasise teamwork, communication and patient safety. Administration and delivery documentation, including access to the App.
  • Instructor Academy: development of the NetworkZ Instructor Academy with short courses on debriefing and delivering simulation training effectively and safely in any setting. Simulation Technical Training is also offered as part of the academy.

If you are interested in the programme or academy, please find out more and follow NetworkZ at:




Blenheim OR NetworkZ training
Invercargill Emergency Department Training