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NZATS Requirements During Training

Training - NZATS Requirements During Training

Membership with NZATS throughout training

Anaesthetic Technician Trainees must be members of NZATS in order for their training hours to be counted.

At the end of 2019, the Medical Sciences Council decided to make reduction in clinical hours the responsibility of the employer to determine, ie the employer can decide if they feel the Trainee is competent to sit the Registration Exam once all theoretical components from AUT have been completed. The only restriction on this is that, as per PS08, at least 12 months of practical hours must be completed. So whilst information is on the NZATS website regarding hours, it is not an NZATS decision to make.

Clinical training hours are completed at the same time as the trainee studies for AUT papers. It is expected that study is completed in the trainee’s own time. Training hospitals will provide a minimum of one hour of lecture time per week (or equivalent) to support study. The programme of study must be completed before applying to sit the final NZATS Registration Examination. Trainees must pass this examination in order to register as a qualified Anaesthetic Technician.

NZATS Training Guidelines