Te Manatōpū Kaiāwhina Kairehu o Aotearoa

Clinical Training

Training - Clinical TrainingFor existing diploma students, or graduate cerficate/diploma students, the clinical training is managed under the direction of the Supervisor of Training (SoT), or their appointee. The SoT is usually a Consultant Anaesthetist employed at the training hospital who liaises closely with the trainee, other clinical staff and AUT. Newly appointed Trainee Anaesthetic Technicians complete a short programme which introduces them to the Operating Room environment and basic science of anaesthesia. In the beginning Trainees are allocated to work with a Preceptor and are supervised at all times. The Preceptor will guide the trainee through competencies and assessments detailed in the Anaesthetic Technology I practical manual and provide practical instruction in all aspects of the role. At the end of the orientation period, hospitals conduct their own assessments to ensure trainees are appropriately skilled to work safely and competently within their scope of practice. After this time, trainees work with increasing independence over the duration of their training programme. Support during this time is always available from the senior staff.

Levels of Supervision

MSC Levels of Supervision¬†Training is “competency, experience and task based” and is supported and supervised by the following people:

  • Supervisor of Training
  • Charge Anaesthetic Technician
  • Educator (if appointed)
  • Senior Anaesthetic Technicians