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AUT Requirements & Programme

The Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences at AUT offers courses of study in anesthetic technology approved by the Medical Sciences Council.  Currently a suite of papers are available either within a 120 point diploma in applied science https://www.aut.ac.nz/study/study-options/science/courses/diploma-in-applied-science or a 60 point graduate diploma. The Faculty is in the process of developing a degree programme bringing it in line with other health professional programmes designed to equip graduates to apply to register with Responsible Authorities under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance (HPCA) Act.


The papers

Currently there are six papers specific to the Anaesthetic Technician role offered by AUT

SCIE501 Anaesthesia I (Enrolment subject to approval of the programme leader)

SCIE502 Anaesthetic Technology I

SCIE603 Anaesthesia II

SCIE604 Anaesthesia III

SCIE703 Anaesthesia IV

SCIE704 Anaesthetic Technology II


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Trainees with credit from previous courses of study may apply for RPL. Information about the limits and process may be found at: https://www.aut.ac.nz/study/applying/cross-credit-your-experience-recognition-of-prior-learning.  The process requires completing an application https://www.aut.ac.nz/__data/assets/pdf_file/0007/289330/Application-for-Recognition-of-FORMAL-Prior-Learning.pdf and paying a fee. There is no guarantee that credit will be awarded and the outcome is formalised once the applicant receives notification. Once the new degree is designed and approved Anaesthetic Technicians who are already qualified may apply for credit into the degree, in line with the RPL regulations of the University.


The qualifications

Currently the Anaesthetic Technician papers are available within two programmes of study.

  • Diploma in Applied Science (DipAppSc) (AK3750)

This programme is designed as a pathway for students, who do not have a relevant degree, to undertake the anaesthetic technology papers. Admission into the anaesthetic technology pathway requires approval.

The programme is 120 points (equivalent of one year of full-time study) and the qualification is awarded at level 5.

The papers in this pathway are:

60 points Level 5: HEAL505, SCIE501–503

and 30 points Level 6: SCIE603, SCIE604

and 30 points Level 7: SCIE703, SCIE704

A student who is a practising Anaesthetic Technician with relevant and significant experience in the role, and is NZATS registered, and has completed the Certificate after 1997, may receive Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for papers HEAL505, SCIE501–503, SCIE603, SCIE604.

  • Graduate Certificate in Science (HA1043)

This programme is designed as a pathway for Trainee Anaesthetic Technicians who already have a relevant health degree.  The programme is 60 points (equivalent of one semester of full-time study) and the qualification is awarded at level 7.


Learning approaches

Under the current model AUT provides the theoretical learning programme in distance learning papers. All papers are supported by a block course, and the academic year commences February/March. Under the new degree model study will include a range of campus-based and practicum learning opportunities. Clinical learning will occur within scheduled placements (as is normal practice for other health professional degrees) rather than within the apprenticeship-based model of training hospitals. Study options include both full-time and part-time choices within a blended approach of distance, campus-based and online learning..


Management of the programme

For many years anaesthetic technology papers (and the programmes they have been attached to) have been offered by the School of Science at AUT. At the end of 2019  the papers moved into the School of Clinical Sciences.  The new degree programme will be located alongside other health professional programmes and changes will include moving the papers and pathways into the professional health science part of the University regulations.


AUT Official Advice


Study Expectations of Students in AUT


Anaesthetic Technicians Workplace Assessor Training Course

  •  AUT provides a Workplace Assessors course for new WPAs once a year. The course covers assessment, communication and information on how to assess the trainees and fill out course manuals. Anaesthetic Technicians on the course become work place assessors (WPA) and the certification is valid for three years. An online refresher or attendance at the workplace assessors course must be completed every three years to maintain current WPA status.