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Registration Examination scheduling

In response to feedback from exam candidates, educators and charge technicians NZATS has been granted permission by the Medical Sciences Council to move the October registration exam to December.

This will give the trainees a chance to gain registration shortly after finalising their AUT papers.

It will also mean that any unsuccessful candidates would only have to wait untill March to re-sit.

Although the overwhelming majority of respondents were in favour of the move to December there were some who argued they needed more time after the final AUT exam to prepare for the registration exam. For these candidates nothing has changed as they will still be able to sit their exam in March.

Some suggested moving the March exam forward to February or even January. Unfortunately, this is not an option due to this being the holiday season.

Our examiners are all volunteers and many of them want to spend the summer months with family and friends. For our candidates this exam is, usually, a one-off but for our examiners this is a yearly recurring event. We can not expect them to plan their summer activities around a 3-day exam.

The December exam will be held in the first half of the month to allow time to prepare for the festive season afterwards.  Hopefully this explains the move to December.

MSC has also approved a one-off mid year examination so as not to disadvantage those candidates that were unsuccessful at the March Registration Examination.  This is open to any eligible Trainee Anaesthetic Technician. This is to be held in Christchurch on Saturday June 22.

In summary, going forward the Registration Examination will be held in the first half of December followed by the first half of March.

Carlus Dovens

NZATS Registration Exam Coordinator