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Clinical Training Hours – Accelerated Programme

The Medical Sciences Council of New Zealand (the Council) received a request from the Anaesthetic Technician Training Hospitals for clarification of the clinical hours a trainee Anaesthesia Technician enrolled in the Accelerated Diploma in Applied Science – Anaesthetic Technology is required to complete before sitting the registration examination.

The Council has determined candidates enrolled in the two years accelerated programme must have a minimum of 3680 hours clinical experience to be eligible to apply to sit the Anaesthetic Technician Registration Examination. This being equivalent to working 40 hours per week (less annual leave/sick leave) over a two year training period. Subject to completing the accelerated programme of study and passing the registration examination a trainee who has completed the two year training period would be eligible to apply to the Council for registration as an Anaesthesia Technician.

Should you require more information please contact info@nzats.co.nz